Translate (Cities) in Every Sense


Translate (cities) in every sense was conceived for the city of Naples: 26 itineraries traversing the city
of Naples were at the same time conceptually touching the cities of London, Paris, Dresden, Venice and Zurich.
Throughout the Neapolitan itineraries, specific places of the other cities were meant to be evoked through
photographs, objects or other marking signs. Five series of itineraries were traced, each of them corresponding
to a sense (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch), along with a last series concerning metaphysical themes.
The itineraries were organised through a toponymic principle, ideally crossing streets of the six cities whose name
could be thematically related to a sense. For example, the „sparkling itinerary“ included in the sense of „sight“
passed through streets of the five cities whose name had to do with sparkle (Piazza delle medaglie d’oro - Naples;
Half Moon Street - London, Silberpfund - Dresden; Via splendore - Naples; Rue des cinq diamants - Paris, etc.).