Berlin - Dresden - London - Paris - Turin - Venice / Shanghai, July 2010

part of "Invisible City" – a light box exhibition, displayed in the Shanghai Southern Railway Station,
curated by Dan Wang, Shanghai October 2010


When B called A and told her that she will travel to Shanghai, A replied that in her turn she would like to make a little journey through Europe.
They decided to meet in Berlin on June the 23rd. There, they overlaid the maps of seven cities, found nine corresponding points and built up their
future itineraries. On July the 1st, as B was exiting the Siping Road Station in Shanghai and A was cycling towards Stargarder Strasse in Berlin,
they were both carrying their future diary in their pocket, with 17 days of instructions to fulfill.
While B made a subway trip through Shanghai (Siping Road - Hailun Road - East Nanjing Road - Lao Xi Men - Shanghai Southern Railway Station - Shilong Road),
A travelled from Stargarder Strasse (Berlin) to Leipziger Strasse (Dresden) to Borough Station (London) to Park Montsouris (Paris) to Stupinigi Castle (Turin)
to the Southern lagoon (Venice). During their three weeks journey, they performed simultaneous actions that were documented through photographs,
text and other materials.